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Lobster and Friends

Waiting for the Elevator

I came home from work to find this guy waiting for the elevator in my building (the elevator is outdoors). You often see these Land Crabs crossing the road…or evidence of them trying to cross. This one was full grown at about 6 inches wide.

Butterfly Effect

See You Later Alligator

The Everglades is the only place in the world where you can find both alligators AND crocodiles…

Mango Dispenser

Warrior of the Clouds

What do you see?

Gazebo on the Water

Totally Grovey Man

The Perfect Storm

Everyone knows about how rainy it is in Oregon and that there is a lot of it. What they don’t know about is the rain in Florida. It never rains in the Sunshine State unless there’s a hurricane there right? Not true. In fact the annual average rainfall of Miami is almost twice as much as it is in Portland, Oregon. So how can Florida maintain it’s Sunshine State title with all this rain you ask? Because it has the perfect storms. Storms that are so condensed and efficient that they roll in without much notice, take over the city and flee the scene all in a matter of minutes. Dumping tons of rain, wind and lightning before it’s on to the next town to wreak havoc upon them. Before you know it, the sun is shining and it’s business as usual again. Portland has a constant drizzle that puts out 36 inches of rain every year. Miami’s sh*t or get off the pot attitude puts out 62 inches on average each year.
This is a photo of a mild storm this weekend, there were even tornado warnings with this one. My next post will be from this same night.


Today’s a very important day for everyone on the planet. It’s a day to do good for the planet that gives you life. The day your are reminded to appreciate and respect Mother Nature, just like your own Mother. This photo was taken at my mother’s favorite place in Florida, a place she introduced me to when I snapped this photo. This is a pier on the Indian River in Melbourne Beach, just outside Djon’s Steak and Lobster house. Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Earth Day to the rest of you.