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Balance of Sun

The chaos of soon to be Hurricane Isaac has finally died down tonight. After another day of high winds, heavy rain and flash flood warnings from the National Weather Service, paradise has finally been restored for South Florida.


An Open Treasure Chest

Golden Sundown

Soft Set

African Dust

Every year, dust from the Sahara Desert blows thousands of miles across the ocean and fills the Florida sky. This is a photo of what it looked like this year. Read more about it here.


Light Between Dark

Surfacing Before the Sunset

Sunset in the Glades

Horizontal Brush Strokes

A Shiny Jewel

Color Rides Darkness

Sunset on the Rocks

Deep Purple

Key to the Perfect Sunset

Marathon Key

Marathon Sunset

Cantaloupe Sky

Sunkissed Sky

Burning Sunset

Florida Volcano

Purple, Pink, and Orange

Here’s to the Orange, White and Blue!

Sorry, couldn’t find any red today! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!

Looking Over the Fence

Feeder Bands

All week we’ve been getting hit with feeder bands from Tropical Storm Debby. Feeder bands are bands of clouds streaking out from the extreme edges of a tropical storm or hurricane. They call them that because they pull moisture up from the ocean “feeding” the clouds of the storm.
In the first photo you can see the distinct line when the feeder band is coming in, making it’s way to the right. The 2nd picture is of the other side of the band with the sun setting behind it. You can see just how dark the clouds were at the top of the picture, enough to make the sun disappear completely before emerging on the other side.