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The Sunless Sunset

Today was a day of rain. Not the usual crazy stormy weather rain, but just plain old rain…constant all day rain. It was enough to spark a flood watch for most of South Florida and to cause Fort Lauderdale to cancel the final day of the air show. Seeing grey days like this makes me wonder how I did it so long in Oregon where it would rain like this for weeks on end without a break. It’s not easy to live without the sun, but many have learned to do it. I know I did, but obviously I could only do it for so long. Here’s a sunless sunset pic and a reminder of what’s on the other side of the clouds.


Rocket Man

I almost forgot, after the air show I saw the Rocket Man! This thing looks like a lot of fun!

Fort Lauderdale Air Show

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show is a free event which takes place at one of the main beaches. It’s an amazing show full of impressive stunts and powerful aircraft. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in Fort Lauderdale next April. The show took a 5 year hiatus, but is back to doing annual shows.