A photographic journey showcasing the beauty that Florida has to offer.



Sleeping Angel


One Hundred

This is my 100TH POST since starting this photo blog back on April 15th of this year. I try to post something once a day, but that can be easier said than done sometimes.

I started this as a “hey, this is awesome, you should see it too” site, but I’ve noticed it’s attracted a variety of fans like “snow bird” northerners, hopeful tourists, former Floridians, nature lovers, photographers, fellow SCUBA divers and ocean lovers alike. It’s always fun to read everyone’s comments and see what everyone “likes”. So please continue to do so and spread the word about this site if you know someone who might appreciate it the way you do. Above all, thank you supporting Beauty of Florida!

This photo is from Fort Lauderdale’s 100 year anniversary last year. They had this giant “100” set up by the beach directly across from the world famous Elbow Room.

Miami Red

Not all of the beauty in Florida is nature made, there’s a lot of “man-made” beauty here as well. I don’t know what this building is, but it really caught my eye when I was leaving the American Airlines Arena the other night. If you know anything about this building, please comment.

Fort Lauderdale Air Show

The Fort Lauderdale Air Show is a free event which takes place at one of the main beaches. It’s an amazing show full of impressive stunts and powerful aircraft. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in Fort Lauderdale next April. The show took a 5 year hiatus, but is back to doing annual shows.

Pompano Seafood Festival

There was so much incredible seafood here!