A photographic journey showcasing the beauty that Florida has to offer.

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The Lonely Kayaker

I shot this one from the dive boat last week. I thought it was cool how the reflection showed the clouds on the left and clear sky on the right.


Northern Sunset

This is the view looking north from my balcony. It was the only evidence that the sun actually set that night, since the rest of it was blocked by clouds of a passing storm. This is what it looks like when the sun sets in the north instead of the west.

Fire in the Sky

Miami Red

Not all of the beauty in Florida is nature made, there’s a lot of “man-made” beauty here as well. I don’t know what this building is, but it really caught my eye when I was leaving the American Airlines Arena the other night. If you know anything about this building, please comment.

A Crack in the Sky

Nuclear Sunset

Gazebo on the Water

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all you mothers who give it your all to do what’s best for your children and to be there for them night and day, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! This is a pic of my Mom and Dad watching the moon rise over the Indian River in Sebastian, Florida. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! And to the newest mother in my family, Happy Mothers Day Elsa!! I hope you both had a wonderful day!

Totally Grovey Man

Colors of the Glades

One of my personal favorites…

Traffic in the Everglades

I watch the news when I get ready for work in the morning. This morning’s traffic report included something I haven’t seen yet. A road was backed up because an alligator made his way on to it, blocking one of the lanes. Unfortunately someone ran over the poor guy and he has to be put down. Gator blocks traffic

A Day at The Beach

The Lonely Mangrove

Blue Streak

Another wet grey day here in the Sunshine state, so I thought I’d keep the sunless theme going. I took this one a while back when I was driving back from the beach in Dania. Not sure what that blue streak is, I have never seen anything like it before. A friend suggested it might be a chemtrail (for all you conspiracy theorist) which makes sense considering the location of the airport is right around there.

The Sunless Sunset

Today was a day of rain. Not the usual crazy stormy weather rain, but just plain old rain…constant all day rain. It was enough to spark a flood watch for most of South Florida and to cause Fort Lauderdale to cancel the final day of the air show. Seeing grey days like this makes me wonder how I did it so long in Oregon where it would rain like this for weeks on end without a break. It’s not easy to live without the sun, but many have learned to do it. I know I did, but obviously I could only do it for so long. Here’s a sunless sunset pic and a reminder of what’s on the other side of the clouds.

Rocket Man

I almost forgot, after the air show I saw the Rocket Man! This thing looks like a lot of fun!

It’s Been a Good Year

It’s been a little over a year since I used the Oregon Trail to get OUT of Oregon and made my way to Florida. I must say it’s been one of the best years of my life. So much has changed and most of it for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon and miss all the great people there, especially my family and my friends, but I can’t say my life would be as great as it is now had I stayed there. I had to leave a lot of things I love to move here, but in turn I discovered so many more things I never knew I loved. Some call it a leap of faith, others say they’re following their heart, their hopes, their dreams. Whatever it is, the biggest regret in life is the one of missed opportunity. It’s been a good year..as it says on the blimp in the picture here.

After the Storm

As promised, this is a photo taken just hours after the one in “The Perfect Storm” posted below. Both pictures were taken at the same place too I might add, my balcony. That’s a sliver of a toenail moon you see there.

The Perfect Storm

Everyone knows about how rainy it is in Oregon and that there is a lot of it. What they don’t know about is the rain in Florida. It never rains in the Sunshine State unless there’s a hurricane there right? Not true. In fact the annual average rainfall of Miami is almost twice as much as it is in Portland, Oregon. So how can Florida maintain it’s Sunshine State title with all this rain you ask? Because it has the perfect storms. Storms that are so condensed and efficient that they roll in without much notice, take over the city and flee the scene all in a matter of minutes. Dumping tons of rain, wind and lightning before it’s on to the next town to wreak havoc upon them. Before you know it, the sun is shining and it’s business as usual again. Portland has a constant drizzle that puts out 36 inches of rain every year. Miami’s sh*t or get off the pot attitude puts out 62 inches on average each year.
This is a photo of a mild storm this weekend, there were even tornado warnings with this one. My next post will be from this same night.

Red for the White & Blue

You may notice most of my sunsets are shot in the same place. That’s because it’s the view from my balcony at home. I grew up in Oregon and always thought a good sunset had to end with the sun sinking into the ocean. Florida has taught me otherwise. Sunsets are very rare in Oregon due to the constant rain and overcast sky. Florida has some of the best sunsets around and probably the most visible as well, at least in the States. I feel very fortunate to be able to actually see one every night.