A photographic journey showcasing the beauty that Florida has to offer.

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Day to the Left, Night to the Right


Blue Skies and Dragonflies


Bird’s Eye View

Warrior of the Clouds

What do you see?

Electric Mayhem – a portrait of last night’s storm

Glades of Glory

Lines of Red and Blue

Natural Black and White

The Day’s Descent

Red Skies at Night

Reflecting Sunset

Red Down

The Wings Have Been Spread

…like an angel looking down.

Goodnight Blimp

I think I may have mentioned before that the Goodyear Blimp lives just north of me, and I can even read the giant “Goodyear” printed on the side of the hanger from my balcony. The blimp usually cruises up and down the beach for the tourists, but occasionally I’ll hear the buzzing noise it makes and be able to look outside in time to see it fly right over my building. Kind of a cool and unusual thing to see. So if you’re following this blog like you should be (wink*wink), you can expect to see a picture of it every now and again. Here it is putting itself to bed…

Eye in the Sky

Dark Skies

Sailing to the Edge of the Earth

Spirit of the Alligator

The sun sets in the Everglades here. So I could hardly believe what I was seeing when this massive gator head appeared one night! I can only imagine what the Seminoles would have thought if the gods presented something like this to them years ago.

The Lonely Kayaker

I shot this one from the dive boat last week. I thought it was cool how the reflection showed the clouds on the left and clear sky on the right.

Northern Sunset

This is the view looking north from my balcony. It was the only evidence that the sun actually set that night, since the rest of it was blocked by clouds of a passing storm. This is what it looks like when the sun sets in the north instead of the west.

Fire in the Sky

Miami Red

Not all of the beauty in Florida is nature made, there’s a lot of “man-made” beauty here as well. I don’t know what this building is, but it really caught my eye when I was leaving the American Airlines Arena the other night. If you know anything about this building, please comment.

A Crack in the Sky