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End of a Weekend


Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

The current “SHARK” exhibit is a must see for everyone. If you’re thinking it’s just a bunch of pictures of sharks, you’re way off base. It’s nicely done with equal parts fun, education, and visually stunning art of all mediums. They even have a “Jaws” memorabilia display!


Edge of a Nameless Key


Sinking Sun


Textured Blue


Well Red River


Blue Sky, Blue Hole


The Dog Days of Fall


Tarpon of the Night


An Angry Angel


Isolated Paradise


Sleeping Angel

Full Moon Rising Over Key West

Cotton Candy Sky

An Office with a View

Cloudy Day at Caloosa Beach


Sunset Sea

Sunrise Surprise

I often post the sunsets I see each night from my back balcony. This is what I see out my front door each morning.

Sparse Clouds

The Sun From Below Sea Level

This is what you see if you look at the sun while scuba diving.

Heavy Eyelids

“You’re Gonna Miss the Rain”

That’s what people would tell me when I would say that I was leaving Oregon and moving to Florida. If there’s any truth to that it’s that living here in Florida made me appreciate the rain a bit more. The rain in Oregon is cold, constant and makes most people miserable, myself included. I’ve always been a sun worshiper and a fish out of water, even when I lived in Oregon. So moving here was much like returning an injured turtle back to sea, and put me in my element.

It does rain here in the Sunshine State, quite often actually. In fact there’s an entire season dedicated to it, it’s called hurricane season. You may have heard of it. Annual precipitation in Florida is about 1/3 MORE of what it is in Oregon, but it’s a warm monsoon type rain. It often comes in heavy and leaves as quickly as it started and before you know it, it’s back to the business of blue skies and sunshine again. I love the Florida rain.

So do I miss the rain in Oregon you ask? As my friend Cory recently put it, “Do you think people that move from LA miss the smog?”

A Drive to the Islands