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Burning Sunset

Florida Volcano

Purple, Pink, and Orange

Hello Yellow

Here’s to the Orange, White and Blue!

Sorry, couldn’t find any red today! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!

Reflecting Swamp

Looking Over the Fence

Waiting for the Elevator

I came home from work to find this guy waiting for the elevator in my building (the elevator is outdoors). You often see these Land Crabs crossing the road…or evidence of them trying to cross. This one was full grown at about 6 inches wide.

Butterfly Effect

Feeder Bands

All week we’ve been getting hit with feeder bands from Tropical Storm Debby. Feeder bands are bands of clouds streaking out from the extreme edges of a tropical storm or hurricane. They call them that because they pull moisture up from the ocean “feeding” the clouds of the storm.
In the first photo you can see the distinct line when the feeder band is coming in, making it’s way to the right. The 2nd picture is of the other side of the band with the sun setting behind it. You can see just how dark the clouds were at the top of the picture, enough to make the sun disappear completely before emerging on the other side.

Sunset Spill

Mango Dispenser

Thor on the Horizon

Slightly Cloudy

Day to the Left, Night to the Right


Bird’s Eye View

Warrior of the Clouds

What do you see?

Electric Mayhem – a portrait of last night’s storm

Lines of Red and Blue

Natural Black and White

The Day’s Descent

Red Skies at Night

Reflecting Sunset